Internal Lifts

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About Internal Lifts

A Quinn Internal Lift will provide you with a very economical alternative to stairs, and may be installed to your existing or new dwelling without the need for any caisson and drilling.

Designed on a cantilever mast system, the lift is fastened to one wall and the lower floor and lifting occurs by way of a hydraulic cylinder via two adjustable roller chains powered by an electro/hydraulic power source of either 12 or 240 volt, depending on usage or clients choice.

The mast is constructed from hot rolled steel channel section and by fully guiding the platform (cabin), it provides superior support and stability approved to service up to four levels to a height of up to 8 metres with a lift capacity set at 400kg.

A choice of cabin design and floor size is available to suit individual requirements. A steel framed construction they usually have MDF flooring with 1, 2 or 3 melamine clad wall/s. The floor coverings are supplied by the owner.

Operating the lift is simple, press the call button on the landing, when the lift arrives it will stop and unlock the landing door. Open the door, enter the lift, close the door and press the button of the floor you wish to go. The lift automatically locks that door and moves up or down to the selected level, stops, and unlocks that door, You may then exit the lift and close the door behind you.
Button controls for each level are fitted on the control panel in the cabin along with an isolating key, emergency down switch, emergency alarm switch, and telephone.
Constant pressure or momentary controls are available depending on the design.